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Please feel free to comment or ask questions here, I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

A long weekend of trail work, riding, and talking about the Oregon Timber Trail. Capped off with a peaceful night on a raft.

10 thoughts on “Comments and Questions

  1. Hi, Mike. I am the “trail angel” for the OTT riders box at the Idanha store stop on OTT for last 2 yrs. Can riders in this event use the box by taking what they need? I stock it with stuff the tiny store does not carry. First come. First serve. I stock it monthly during riding season.


    1. Hello Mujozen,

      Thank you for reaching out and for your OTT rider support as a trail angel!

      That is a great question, riders during this event will not be allowed to accept items from the box as we would not classify this trail magic is a commercially available service. While this is a bit of a grey area in similar events, I will advise riders to not rely on your magic as a resupply option. With the event projected to grow into a well attended ride in the future, I would not like to set a precedent and increase the pressure on you to check / stock items during the event.

      If you feel otherwise and would like to encourage riders to utilize and rely this magical stop during their journey, I would certainly consider allowing it though. Please let me know if you have additional questions, I am looking forward to your thoughts on how we can improve the overall rider / community relationships that the OTT passes through!

      Again, thank you for reaching out and take care for now,


  2. Hey Mike,

    I live at the end of the Trail (Hood River) and have been a fan of the OTT since its infancy. I may be joining in for the Grand Depart. I’d like to offer help coordinating logistics for Grand Depart riders, to get them to the California border and then back home once they hit the Columbia River. Hood River is a crazy busy in July and options for long term parking, lodging (camping), and transportation are quite limited.

    Thanks for initiating this effort.



    1. Hey Chip,

      Thanks for reaching out and offering up some logistical assistance for GD riders! Your willingness to help is a perfect example of what makes these events so special. We are extremely excited to get this off the ground and think the OTTGD will become a staple in the North American endurance bikepacking circuit.

      Though I am not participating this year, I will be at the GD start at the California border and will provide support from an administrative perspective during the inaugural ride. I’ll be out on the Cascadian Crossing Route, ( a ~300 mile loop out of Bend which traverses the Deschutes Tier, MRT and Alpine Trail starting on 9/4 this year and the OTT in 2021. We are getting some positive feedback and interest on that front as well so 2020 is already looking to be quite exciting here in Oregon!

      If you’d like to reach out via email at I can provide my cell phone number so we can touch base a little closer to the start date.

      Again, really appreciate you reaching out and looking forward to our paths crossing,



    The First OTTGD is slated to be quite memorable. We have a lot of interest across the board with some top-level athletes potentially making their way to the OTT Terminus on 7/11. Remember, there is only one inaugural year…

    Please reach out to me directly (the sooner the better), as I am currently working with our good friends over at Trans Cascadia ( to arrange a shuttle to Lakeview, OR on Friday, July 10th. Feel free to email me or post to the Comments/Questions Page for a group dialogue.

    The goal will be to have this as a FREE shuttle to those participating in the Grand Depart. Tentatively, the plan will be a departure from Eugene in the morning/early afternoon to Lakeview on Friday July 10th.

    Additionally, we will be having an (in)formal pre-ride get together the evening of Friday, July 10th in Lakeview. Food, drinks, etc will be included. Tall Town Bike and Camp, a huge supporter of the OTT, has graciously offered up some assistance on this front…thank you Tom!

    More details to follow, please do not hesitate reaching out.



  4. Hi Mike,

    Are you hopeful that the grand depart can still take place on July 11th? I am still determining if it I can join, but I sure hope so. I have done an 8 day tour along the OTT from the Winter Rim to Bend late last summer, and this route is absolutely stunning.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy.



    1. Hi Julie,

      Thank you for reaching out and apologies for my delay! All is well here and I hope the same for you. We are cautiously optimistic the event will be able go off in July, though I definitely cannot say with certainty right now. If the general consensus is that the event would pose a risk to gateway communities or future Grand Departs it will be difficult to promote in good faith.

      In general, there is a ton of support from gateway communities along the OTT for a GD so as much as we all want 2020 to be the year, we also recognize we are in this together for the future. With most volunteer trail organizations, stewardship events are on hold for the moment so the trail will be a bit more rugged in some of the more remote sections (to some this is just part of the adventure).

      That tour sounds amazing! I’ll tell ya, I find myself daydreaming of backpacking trips a lot more often right now. Cannot wait to get back out there.

      Sorry for the waffley answer! And can I add your name to the 2020 entrants as a placeholder for now?



      1. Thanks for the reply! No worries on the delay.

        I agree that the wishes of the communities along the route are of primary concern. It’s also a good point about the trail conditions. I hope at least the sawyers can get out there. If not, we might have to leave the beer behind in order to lift bikes, and that would be a tragedy.

        With all of that in mind, yes put me down as a tentative entrant! At the very least, it will provide an excuse to look at maps, futz with gear, etc. 🙂

        Thank you! Julie


  5. Todd Richards

    Hey there,

    Do you think that this route is doable on a hardtail with a lauf fork?

    Also do you think the race will be happening this year? Will it be posted here if cancelled?


    1. Hi Todd,

      Just hit you back on email and wanted to respond here too. I will definitely post updates here if the event gets outright cancelled. As I mentioned to Julie, we are cautiously optimistic at the moment. Hoping we start to see some positive news in the coming weeks.

      Yes, I do think the route is doable on a hardtail / lauf fork. As the route has such a wide variety of terrain, there will be segments it is the absolute perfect bike but segments where you *might* be wishing you had something else. The route is for sure focused on trail riding so whatever you feel most comfortable on there. I would either ride my Salsa El Mariachi or Santa Cruz Blur and be equally happy to be out getting lost on this trail. I’m staying behind the scenes for 2020 (for admin purposes and the fact we just had a baby) but will for sure be giving it a run in 2021.

      If the fall ends up looking a bit better, I’m also working on a ~300 mile loop based out of Bend, The Cascadian Crossing Route. You get to ride the Deschutes Segment + Willamette/Bunchgrass and link it all together via the McKenzie River Trail to some incredible FS roads over to the Alpine Trail to Oakridge. Rode it Sept 17-19 last year, possibly my favorite ride anywhere/ever.

      Bikepacking is the shit, take care for now,


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