Oregon Timber Trail Grand Depart

Welcome to the Oregon Timber Trail Grand Depart (O.T.T.G.D) site. The pages contained will provide full details on the route, starting time / location, results, detours and other pertinent information for riders looking to partake in an epic adventure.

The O.T.T.G.D is unaffiliated with any organization, the sole purpose is to bring together individuals interested in exploring personal limits in terms of self-supported adventure riding. However, all riders are encouraged to support the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance, without their efforts this event would not be possible.


Nestled up on Mount Hood’s northeastern flank are a series of ridges and pocket lakes perfect for some short (and steep) bikepacking overnights.

2020 Update:

Hello To All Interested in the OTTGD

First and foremost, I hope you and you’re families are all doing well and staying healthy. I know it has been an extremely tough stretch for many with so much uncertainty in the air.

The main purpose of this communication is to provide an update regarding the inaugural 2020 Oregon Timber Trail Grand Depart. I have been getting a good bit of questions around this years event and whether it is happening or not.

Unfortunately, 2020 will not see the first ever OTTGD.

This was not an easy decision. After numerous discussions with groups involved with the OTT in some capacity, the consensus was unanimous. The overall support for the OTT has never been stronger which provided a lot of optimism and will set us up for an incredible 2021 event. The fact that all stewardship events along the Trail for 2020 have been cancelled will result in some pretty rugged segments. Further, with the event slated for only a few weeks from now, there are just too many hurdles and variables that would open too many folks to unnecessary risks.

Please keep in mind, this does not mean the OTT is shut down. I’ve included the link to the OTTA site for all Covid related updates from the organization, forestry service and gateway communities. If you are interested in tracking your ride along the OTT, please reach out and I can likely coordinate Trackleaders and Spot rentals (this assumes restrictions are open and riders are welcomed).

If you haven’t take a second to thank an essential worker, please take a second to do so and lets keep things in perspective. Bikepacking is incredible, the OTT is incredible and will be there for all of us when the time is right.

Again, please do not hesitate reaching out with any questions and thank you for your patience. This will give us all another year to prepare for one epic journey.

Take care,


Inaugural Grand Depart will take place in 2021

There is only one inaugural ride, do you want to be there?!

There will be a casual get together in Lakeview on Friday, July 10th. Location and time will be finalized in the near future.

Additionally, we are working with the community to identify potential long-term parking options and shuttles to the Timber Trail terminus!

GD Logistics:


Please reach out to me directly (the sooner the better), as I am currently working with our good friends over at Trans Cascadia (https://trans-cascadia.com/) to arrange a shuttle to Lakeview, OR on Friday, July 10th. Feel free to email or post to the Comments/Questions Page for a group dialogue.

The goal will be to have this as a FREE shuttle to those participating in the Grand Depart. Tentatively, the plan will be a departure from Eugene in the morning/early afternoon to Lakeview on Friday July 10th.

Additionally, we will be having an (in)formal pre-ride get together the evening of Friday, July 10th in Lakeview. Tall Town Bike and Camp, a huge supporter of the OTT, has graciously offered up some assistance on this front…thank you Tom!

More details to follow, please do not hesitate reaching out.